VideoRobot Review

VideoRobot Review – This All In One Tool Creates High Quality Pro Videos

VideoRobot Review


If you want to really, ‘Cut It’ online then you will probably already realise that Video is the key. And when I say Video I mean high quality videos that will not only attract more viewers but, will also captivate them! This innovative product will make creating high quality videos a breeze.

There are so many packages out there that promise the earth but I doubt whether any come close to this high quality high end package at an unbelievable introductory price.


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Commission Typhoon Review

Commission Typhoon Review – This Course Could Well Be For You

Commission Typhoon Review

Commission Typhoon


Affiliate marketing when done right is one of the best ways to create a life-changing income online. There are successful affiliate marketers making hundreds of Dollars daily! Now do not get me wrong, there are many affiliates struggling to make their first few Dollars.

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WP Leads Machine Review – Get Unlimited Leads Without Creating Optin Pages

Get Unlimited Leads Without Creating Optin Pages

WP Leads Machine Review

WP Leads Machine Image


The WP Leads Machine will more than help you to build a high quality eMail list which is one of the best ways to successfully win over your competitors, thus increasing sales and profits. One of the biggest problems that you will be faced with when building a list is that you can have several optins and popups strategically placed on your site but, most of your visitors will never signup to your optin pages or pop ups!

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Affiliate Marketing Simplified

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate marketing, is promoting other peoples products (Affiliate Products) for an agreed commission, usually on sales.

The amazing thing is that you do not need to create products, sales pages, offer support or anything else except promoting the product. You simply leverage other peoples efforts. You can be up and running in minutes.

Become a SuperAffiliate

Savvy affiliate marketers often send the traffic that they generate to their own pages that are styled on the affiliate product that they are promoting. They build their targeted lists and then email their list with targeted affiliate offers that pay them a commission. This way they are also building an ever growing list that makes it so much easier to attain more affiliate sales.

Affiliate marketing is a simple process that should not be over complicated.

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YouTube SEO Ranking Your Video on Google

YouTube SEO, Ranking your YouTube video on Google

Researching YouTube Keywords

You need to research your keywords to use with your YouTube video. Always consult a good keyword tool, such as Googles Keyword tool.  Googles keyword tool is free and is a great place to start. Do not use keywords that are not searched for, your keywords should have a minimum of 500+ searches per month.

Once you have your keywords you need to research them further. Use the keywords and carry out searches using Google. Check to see if any videos are ranked on the first three pages. If you cannot find one video on the first three pages, my advice is to forget that keyword. Also do not make the mistake of going after top keywords as it will be a lot harder to rank for these.

If you find a video on the first page of a Google search you should check that it doesn’t have over 35,000 views or a 100 backlinks, if it does then you need to give that keyword a miss.

You need to take your time with each and every video that you upload and try to get a few reviews the more the better. As you gain confidence and find that you can carry out all of these tasks quickly, you can start uploading videos to your channel at a faster rate.

As the money starts to flow you will be able to invest in software and other services that will automate some of the tasks and make them a lot easier.

Email Marketing Tips That Work

25 Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing is so Important to Your Business

Email marketing is so important yet 99% of businesses get this wrong! The video below will help to point you in the right direction. You can also download my free report which will also help you to make sure that you are profiting with your emails.

download email marketing tips

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