Niche Vid Profits Review



Niche Vid Profits – From ZERO to … $439.20 in less than 7 Days

Niche Vid Profits is a step by step course that includes PDF and Videos. The course shows you exactly how you can be ranking your videos using profitable keywords that are easy to rank for enabling you to drive targeted traffic to your niche affiliate offers.

Niche Vid Profits solves the problem of content as it shows you exactly how you can legally make other peoples content your very own! No longer worry about graphic design, even better ranking your videos are now solved.

With Niche Vid Profits you will know straight away what the market is interested in and exactly what keywords to use to get before the people that are extremely interested in your niche.

you there is a much easier and faster way to know what the market is interested in and create videos that strike right into relevant keywords?

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  • PRODUCT:   Niche Vid Profits
  • VENDOR:   Alex Copeland – Andy Firth
  • LAUNCH DATE:   06-August-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   11.00 EDT
  • SKILL:   All Levels inc Newbies
  • PRICE:    $10:00 – $14:00
  • NICHE:   Video Niche Affiliate
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days money Back Guarantee
  • HOME PAGE: Niche Vid Profits

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The Author

Alex and Andy have enjoyed previous successful launches on Warrior Plus. They have built up a loyal customer base whom look forward to seeing their new products.

Alex Copeland is the author of Niche Vid Profits and so many other training courses such as Rank and Bank System, The Resellers Academy, and EZ Traffic Blueprint.

Niche Vid Profits is Alex’s latest training course, just released. Yet it is already receiving many positive comments from online marketers and digital product reviewers.

His products are top notch and are designed to make affiliate marketing more comfortable and profitable.

Niche Vid Profits?

You will soon be able to identify the most profitable niches and get flood of free traffic to your sites. You will find out exactly how to use other peoples content as your ‘Own’!

it is a complete step by step system that will find the easiest keywords to profit from. The product is ideal for newbies as there is no ‘Techy Stuff’.

You do not need an email list. All you have to do is follow this easy newbie friendly blueprint to be in a position to start profiting within 24 hours.

Easily find those MAGIC profitable keywords on YouTube that are easy-to-rank for, yet  still get hundreds of targeted visitors every day that are eager to purchase your offers.

​This is THE key to making a profit from YouTube and the difference between failure and success. capitalise on organic free traffic that converts.

EASILY create videos in a matter of minutes, promote your offers, without the need of using your own content.

​Not only that, but you’ll also learn a whole lot of other invaluable  secrets on how to generate traffic and make money online using video,  and these are all things that you can put into action RIGHT NOW.

​This is a COMPLETE SYSTEM which works FAST and provides long term results for growing your income over time.

Just Follow This Simple 3 Step System

STEP #1: Follow the exact blueprint to create your video campaigns
STEP #2: Upload your videos and start getting targeted traffic to your products and offers
STEP #3: Watch as regular sales and commissions start bringing in the profit!

So if you want to start profiting from videos this course is definitely for YOU

Key Benefits

  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • No Tech Skills Required
  • Uses Only FREE Traffic
  • Starts Working In Under 24 Hours
  • Works For ANY Niche

The Great Features

Finding a profitable niche;

Niche Vid Profits works in virtually any niche and will give you a lot of profitable keywords that you can use in a few seconds so that you can start ranking instantly. It focuses on the Niches and the keywords that you can easily profit from.

Creating YOUR Video

Niche Vid Profits gives you the comprehensive training that you need for successful video marketing. It shows you exactly how to create a video from scratch adding high quality content that you do not have to create. Then allows you to design it with the built-in customization features.

Ranking YOUR Video

Niche Vid Profits gives you the methods, tools and techniques for video creation as well as teaching you how to easily rank your videos on any search engine including Google.

Works In Any Niche

One of the greatest features about the training is that it allows you to concentrate on any niche. You can drill down and become an expert in any niche or simply follow several niches, creating several different profit sources.

Free Organic Traffic

Niche Vid Profits shows you exactly how to get your free organic traffic, leaving nothing out.

No need to pay for traffic and for ranking your videos. It will now be easier than ever to do all of this for free.

Is Niche Vid Profits For You?

If you want to start profiting with affiliate marketing using video, you need this course.  Make informed informed decisions on which profitable keywords are best used and rank your videos easily. Then yes this is for you.

Pricing and Upsells

FE Course – $10-14 – A step by step course including PDF and Video which shows you how to find profitable keywords in different niches and easily rank your videos on YouTube to drive traffic to affiliate offers.

OTO 1 – Case Study – Full over the shoulder case study with real proof of earnings.

OTO 2 – DFY Niche Pack– List of Highly Profitable Niches + Guaranteed Offers to Promote + DFY Sales Pages.

OTO3 – Stock Video +Audio Pack – TONS of videos and audio to use when creating your Niche Videos.

OTO4 – Resale Rights To FE – This license grants resell rights for the entire Front End course along with 12 other full products with resell rights.


Video marketing is the number one way of getting sales and is here to stay. It is gaining momentum and popularity in all different niches in the affiliate marketing industry.

Thank You for taking the time to read my review. I do hope that it has helped you to decide on whether Niche Vid Profits is for you or not.

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CryptoSuite Review ~ Worlds First Cryptocurrency Software For Traders

CryptoSuite Review

CryptoSuite Review


CryptoSuite makes it easy to trade. Up until now most traders faced several problems. Many different crypto coins, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple make it hard to choose which one as they all have unpredictable prices.

Now CryptoSuite is a real gamechanger, it has an easy interface which is intuitive making it so easy to use and it is so easy to manage your portfolio’ as you will get live reliable signals. It’s also so easy to find markets where you can arbitrage your coins if you want to. All of this will save you so much time and energy. You will also get updating news and information on the Crypto markets as well.


  • PRODUCT:   CryptoSuite
  • VENDOR:   Luke Maguire
  • LAUNCH DATE:   11-April-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   09.00 EDT
  • SKILL:   All Levels inc Newbies
  • PRICE:    $37 ~ $247
  • NICHE:   Software
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   14 Days money Back Guarantee

The Author

Luke Maguire is a six figure earner that has enjoyed a lot of successful launches that include Octosuite, Viral Autobots, Social Autobots and a lot more. These have not only been successful but have built up a loyal customer base whom look forward to seeing his new products.

His products are top notch and are designed to make marketing more comfortable and profitable.


This is the first piece of real software that fully supports Crypto Traders. The platform collects a massive load of data of available Cryptocurrencies and displays it all to the user in one dashboard. This makes it easy to see which coin/s are trending at that exact moment in time, so that you know which are the best coins to invest in.

It will also notify you of all of your investment prices so that you can easily keep on top of all of your investments and make educated decisions very quickly.

Features and Benefits

There are so many digital coins on the market that it has become a challenge to just keep up with them. There are also new coins being introduced to the market almost daily.

CryptoSuite constantly updates its database allowing you to see all of the new coins as they hit the market, giving you the potential to realize bigger profits. Now you will not miss out on any lucrative investments.

The software will give you all of the information and more so that you can easily devise a suitable, sustainable strategy for your business, without much effort.

This application provides you with, previous data, current statuses and future trending of all of the available digital coins.

CryptoSuite will alert you to the top performers of the day by displaying a table that will show you exactly which coins have the biggest gains of the day allowing you to quickly access which coins are going viral and can return profits.

Live Notifications

To profit with crypto coin trading you need to choose the cryptocurrency that has the highest potential but, you almost need to have spot on timing purchasing your coins and selling them at exactly the right time for maximum profits.

This app will notify you immediately whenever an important event happens, allowing you to react immediately.

If the prices of your current assets drop or rise by an amount which you set the app will notify you immediately with warning signals, allowing you to buy or sell at the optimum time.

This software will track all of your assets in real time allowing you to easily see which of your assets are performing best and also those that aren’t doing so well. Armed with this up to date information will drastically enhance your business portfolio. Sell of any bad deals and get in on the ones that are profiting now.

In-Depth Training

The training series which consists of both eBooks and videos will take you right from explaining what digital currency is all about, opening your wallets, create trading strategies and a whole lot more. Armed with this knowledge and the trading software will help to keep you streets ahead of everybody else.

VIP CryptoSuite Group

Of course their is also a forum that you can join to get help and advice from real people that have become millionaires by trading digital coins. They are more than pleased to be able to help you by sharing information, their knowledge and their experiences.

How Easy Is CryptoSuite To Use?

You can start immediately even if you are a stone cold newbie.

Step .01 Soak up all of the training

Step .02 Open your trade wallet/s

Step .03 Purchase your chosen coins using the software to guide you as to which are the best at that precise moment

Step .04 Follow your investment wisely by using the software to keep you updated in real time

Step .05 PROFIT

Choose CryptoSuite

So many people are throwing their money at crypto, with some of the in-the-know people making massive profits whilst others are blindly losing their shirt.

Make sure that you do not invest in crypto blindly. Go in armed with all of the relevant and up to date information that you need if you are going to profit big.

Is CryptoSuite For You?

If you want to start profiting with cryptocurrency immediately, armed with all of the data that you need and more so as to make up to the second informed decisions, whislst receiving live updates. And also track your profits closely whilst getting help from self made crypto trading millionaires in the forum, then yes this software is for you.


Front End $37 ~ $57 Monthly or $247 ~ $297 Annualy


Digital CryptoCurrency is here to stay and is gaining both momentum and popularity. It is still in its infancy yet is already shaking the banking systems and the governments of the world up!

Everybody needs to wake up and get involved in cryptocurrency especially whilst it is still volatile. It’s just like the ‘Gold Rush’ is starting all over again, only this time you won’t have to ride out on your horse to those hills with your pan in your hands.

Thank You for taking the time to read my review. I do hope that it has helped you to decide on whether the CryptoSuite software is for you or not.



ResponseSuite Review ~ Get Targeted Leads Increase Conversions

ResponseSuite Review

ResponseSuite Review


ResponseSuite? Is a brilliant way of building your list and segmenting it. Gone are the days of simply throwing up a squeeze/magnet page that offers a free, sleazy pdf that’s not worth the digital space that it takes up.

With ResponseSuite you will get a product that will build intelligent surveys, that entice people to make choices that will inform you fully of what your visitors want and then segment them accordingly on auto pilot!


  • PRODUCT:   Response Suite
  • VENDOR:   Rob J. Temple
  • LAUNCH DATE:   04-April-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   09.00 EDT
  • SKILL:   All Levels inc Newbies
  • PRICE:    $197 ~ $297
  • NICHE:   Software
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days money Back Guarantee

ResponseSuite? is designed to create stunning surveys that will segment your list automatically by connecting directly to your auto-responder or CRM, based on the results. This allows you to tailor your offers based on each persons specific needs and even direct them to a thank you page that has been personalized for them. This will help to give people a feeling of being wanted and allow you to start off on the right foot.

Building a connection with your potential clients from the ‘Off’, is a very important part of building a good solid business relationship as I am sure you know.


With ResponseSuite you will be able to create create surveys that hook up directly into your auto-responder or CRM quickly, easily and efficiently. Based upon the results of your survey ResponseSuite will segment your visitors so that you can concentrate your efforts on them in a more highly targeted way, thus increasing your conversions sales and offer them a better informed service.

‘Give your visitors what they want and they will become a customer. Keep them Happy and they will stay a loyal customer, increasing your sales and your repeat sales’!

The Author

ResponseSuite Author
Robert J Temple is well-known for many product launches such as, Continuity Academy, List Profit Sniper and Video Cash Formula. He is a very successful digital marketer and aims to help as many people as he can to not only get more leads in their business but also to get them in such  a way that you the client will be able to fully capitalize on them, boosting your end profits.

The Main Features of Response Suite

Drag and drop editor

This feature makes it so easy to create your very own personalized custom survey in minutes. Creating your very own custom survey is so easy and fast, add questions, even multiple choice, text answers and a whole lot more. Add a smart URL for your thank you pages that will run seamlessly and and unobtrusively based on the answers given in your ‘Personalized Survey’.

Now you can leverage paid ads with ResponseSuite for maximum ROI.

Other powerful features

  • Ten powerful answer types
  • Custom report builder for total analytical control
  • Native Auto-responder Integration
  • Built-in Smart redirect technology for instant monetization
  • Unlimited surveys with 20 active at any one time
  • Unlimited updates and new features to the software
  • Build your brand and authority

Using ResponseSuite?

  • Step .01: Create your Personalized Survey
    You can use a template from the extensive survey library and customize it to your needs or create a new one.
  • Step .02: Customize the survey for your Audience
  • Step .03: Share and Scale with your very own ‘pretty link.’

Buiding Your Survey

Integrating Your Auto-Responder

Re-Direct To Custom Landing Pages’

Share Your Custom Surveys and Reports

Who Should Use ResponseSuite?

ResponseSuite is essential for businesses that want to build a highly targeted, segmented list who wants to maximize their profits to the Max.

Your drag and drop customized reports will maximize your conversions and coupled to the smart technology that automatically directs your visitor to ‘Their Very Own Thank You Page’. You will save an endless amount of time by using the drag and drop editor to create your surveys, saving you both time and money and of course all of this has been designed to be ‘Newbie Friendly’, with nothing to install or download.


ResponseSuite  Their are two options with the front-end package, you can pay a one time price of $297 or $197 annually. The second choice is the Upsell which comes in at $497 for eight weeks of live webinar coaching. You can also  upgrade everything to ‘Unlimited’ for another $100.

Front-End ResponseSuite  $297 OneTime or $197 Annually More Details

Upsell .01 Elevate – 8 Weeks Of Live Webinar Coaching – $497 More Details

Upsell .02 (ResponseSuite Unlimited Everything Upgrade – $100 More Details


ResponseSuite really is an incredible product that will help you to succeed in your online career. Creating fine tuned surveys really is a game changer that will make all the difference to your marketing campaigns. Why spend hundreds maybe thousands on building your website and getting traffic to it and not optimise that last few steps that will determine not only if your visitor will choose to make a purchase from you but also how mush they will spend not only now but, on a repeat basis!

My advice is that you should purchase this package and it to your arsenal of marketing weapons.

Remember if you find that it isn’t for you, you can get a 100% refund using the 30 day money back guarantee.



Crazykala 2.0 Review ~ Best Design Suite On The Planet

Crazykala 2.0 Review ~ Best Design Suite On The Planet


Crazykala 2.0 is a web hosted design package that comes complete with over 10 million fully editable professional images.

Everybody out their on the Internet realises that ‘FLASH’ is so important. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web designer, an online advertiser or simply want to keep your Social Media accounts looking out of this world. Graphics speak a thousand words and the right graphics grab peoples attention!Continue reading