About Me

Welcome to the Internet Marketing Jerk Blog

Over the coming weeks I am going to transform this Blog into a ‘Plethora of Free Internet Info’.

Follow me on my incredible journey to uncover everything that a ‘Newbie’ would need to start ‘Making Money Online’ and give it to everybody for free. Their is one catch though, you will have to visit my Blog to access all of the valuable information.

You may be asking yourself why I should call myself, ‘The  Internet Marketing Jerk’?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Mark Gossage. If you were on the Internet way back in 1995 you may well have heard of me. I have made my money over the years and have continually watched the Internet Marketing World evolve at an incredible pace along with the Internet itself.

I hear Internet Marketers proclaiming how it has become easier to start up and make Millions overnight on the Internet yet that is not quite true.

Yes it is easier to create a Blog, to upload high quality graphics and videos. Use apps etc but, as it has got easier so has the competition become fiercer.

Please do not get me wrong almost anyone can turn a coin on the Internet and make ‘Good Money’ doing it but, do not be fooled most people will have to work hard if they want to taste success.

One of the biggest problems that ‘Newbies’ face is that they lack the confidence to start and keep going, to build up momentum. Most fail.

Many Internet Marketers scream out that they want to help you but, they have their cap in their hand asking for exorbitant sums of cash to, ‘Help You On Your Way’! $3,000 +++ and they will spare you a few hours if you are lucky.

Well it is a time to STOP this madness. I am prepared to help people that are willing to work hard, who are not going to give up and are HUNGRY for success.

So what should I charge to help you succeed?



Why? Because I really do want to help.

I want to make a difference and help as many people as possible to achieve success and attain a better quality of life. So unlike other Internet Marketing GURUs’ I will give it away for Free. The only difference is that the information may well not be as ‘Glossy’, it may lack the shine and you may have to search my Blog for it.

I would love to help people one on one but, I can’t as I want to help as many people as possible and I only have so many hours per week spare.

If you want to get in touch you can email me at jerk@marketingjerk.com

Please be patient as I am a busy man but, I will do my best to respond ASAP.

Now you may be wondering why I have named myself a Jerk?

The truth is I didn’t. People around me have said that I am a Jerk for making a Blog and giving all of this information away for FREE. They have told me to charge thousands of Dollars and that I am making a big mistake.

Maybe they are right but, I really do want to help people to succeed and so for now I am going to keep my Blog Free.

Mark Gossage

The Internet Marketing Jerk Com