Facebook & Social Marketing is Huge You Must Watch This Video

Facebook and Social Marketing

Social Marketing is huge. If you are not using Social Marketing in your business you really are missing out. The video below is 24:31 seconds long and is well worth watching if you want to use Facebook to help promote your business.

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Facebook Promoting Your Business

This video covers things like converting a personal page to a business page, edge rank and time decay, automatic interactions, sharing to groups, inviting people to like your page, paid boosting, maintaining interactions with people who are likely to engage, downloading numbers for snapchat, inviting all people to groups, inviting all people to like your page, joining high quality groups, sharing from business page to group pages, how to broadcast with live video, what posts rank the highest, cover photo optimizations, automatic and scheduled posting, contests through events, optimizing your posts for the best times of day, finding good content to post off Google, interacting with people in your news feed from your business page, and more! Do not miss out. Make sure to watch the video and then download the free report.

Online Social Presence

You and your business are really missing the boat if you do not have a strong Online Social Presence.  Social media is exactly that ‘Social Media’. Facebook and similar social networks, are where your potential customers and customers are. You should be building Brand Awareness. Promoting your business and your products and more. Many business’s use circulars to get themselves out and in front of potential clients. Now don’t get me wrong these circulars work but, Social Media works better. You should be constantly updating your posts and pages. Interact with the people and get them to follow you. Use social media to educate them. Let them know how your service/products will benefit them. Why they should buy from you. Get customers to interact with you and share their experiences.

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