List Building The Life Blood Of A Business

List Building Video and Free Download

Watch the video below and then Download the totally FREE List Building report that will show you exactly how you can build a profitable list and make money online. The Free report explains everything that you need to know

The video below is by Chuck Nguyen it is 44 minutes and 22 seconds long and is a good mini-course in itself. If you haven’t got a list or need help building your list then this video is for you.

If you want to make money online then List Building is a must. Building a loyal subscriber list allows you to educate them about all of your upcoming products and make more sales.

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Email Marketing and List Building

Email marketing is still the life blood of most Internet businesses. “The money is in the list.” Is what many top Internet marketers proclaim and simply put that is very true. Of course their is more to making money online than simply having a list.

Your list is an asset and should always be your number one priority. If you were to lose everything, your website, blog, social media accounts your list would be your saving grace.

A big must is that you must own your list. It must be yours. Google can bring out as many Penguins, Pandas and Pigeon updates and crash your SEO rankings but they cannot take your list away from you.


At first an Autoresponder such as Aweber or Get Response may not seem cheap but if you delve a little deeper you will find that you can send unlimited emails to your list. For around $30 they will let you send unlimited messages to your list of up to 5,000 people. If you email them daily that’s around 150,000 messages per month. That works out to $0.0002 per message. You won’t find a traffic source at that price. So how costly is that list now? Also your audience will get to know you and respect you if they are treated well. This will in turn increase your conversions. A list is warm traffic, paid traffic is cold.

Emailing your Contacts

Email is at present the preferred way to buy. In fact percentage wise it even tops social media!

So make building a list your number 1 priority. As your list grows I always advise people to open an account with more than one provider and try to get your prospects onto both lists. Why? The answer is simple, what happens if the company closes your account or goes out of business. Your income stops, that is what happens. So back-up your list!

Sending out your emails to your list is essential to build a relationship with your people (Subscribers). This will build up trust and as your people get to know you better they will heed your advice as both a friend and an authority figure. This done properly will propel your sales through the roof!

Just like using a traffic source email messages can be tested, segmented, optimized and personalized. Once you find out what’s working you can repeat the process over and over again.

Once you have built a responsive list you will find that you can generate fast cash almost at will. Within hours you will be able to create a ‘Buying Frenzy’. Just make sure that you do not go overboard and burn your list out though.

You can even rent your list out to people and charge as many dollars per hundred/thousand as people are willing to pay. But, be very careful. Make sure that you check the messages over and also the products. Don’t make a few bucks renting out your list to find that another unscrupulous marketer has left it in tatters. It just is not worth it.

If you are ready to start building your list make sure to click on the link above and get your FREE list building report. It contains everything that you need to know so that you will know exactly how to build a massive high quality responsive list.




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