Crazykala 2.0 Review ~ Best Design Suite On The Planet

Crazykala 2.0 Review ~ Best Design Suite On The Planet


Crazykala 2.0 is a web hosted design package that comes complete with over 10 million fully editable professional images.

Everybody out their on the Internet realises that ‘FLASH’ is so important. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web designer, an online advertiser or simply want to keep your Social Media accounts looking out of this world. Graphics speak a thousand words and the right graphics grab peoples attention!

Without graphics, logos, headers, banners etc you are dead in the water.

Now Crazykala 2.0 doesn’t just pack with over 10 million graphics it also makes it easy to edit/manipulate them. Gone are the awkward and time consuming days of Photoshop. This product makes image editing and applying effects so simple that you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

  • PRODUCT:  Crazykala 2.0
  • VENDOR:  Gaurab Borah
  • LAUNCH DATE:   27-March-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   10.00 EDT
  • SKILL:   All Levels
  • PRICE ~ FRONT END:   $27.00
  • NICHE:   Graphics (Cloud Based)
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days money Back Guarantee
  • Home Page:

What Is Crazykala 2.0?

This graphic editing platform will create stunning images, presentations and a whole lot more. Thousands of entrepreneurs are already using Crazykala 2.0, with devastating effects. If you want to keep up with image design and stay at the cutting edge of image editing Crazykala is a must.

You will no longer have to spend hours searching for images as this product will place them at your fingertips.

The Author

Gaurab Borah the author needs no introducing, he is trusted by thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Gaurab has previously launched products such as Buyers List Blueprint, Traffic Studio, Newcommerce Suite and more…

He is highly focused on helping online entrepreneurs and small businesses become more successful by assisting them with traffic generation, list building and now with a cutting edge graphics suite.

The Graphics Suite

Custom Designs

Create anything that you can dream of with the backing of over 10 million pro graphics

Banners, Flyers, Cameos anything…

Keep your Social media graphics up to date. Your Website Headers and Banners, Logos. All are custom sizeable.

Create 2D eBook covers which are more than suitable for Kindle Covers etc.

Tee Shirt designs that are limited only by your own imagination.

What about Business Cards, Flyers even graphics to liven up your eMails.

I could go on and on but I am sure that by now you realise that all of your graphical problems are history, a thing of the past. Now you will be looking forward to any tasks that include graphics safe in the knowledge that you are more than capable of handling any graphical task armed with Crazykala 2.0

How Does Crazykala Work?

This application does so much and it makes everything that easy I thought it best to add a Demo Video so that you can see for yourself how exciting this cloud based platform really is.



CrazyKala 2.0  $27 ~ $67 (More Details)

The worlds best online graphic design suite.

Easily manipulate captivating graphical images that will stun your viewers.

You also get a cloud based drag and drop graphic editor that will create your pro designs and layouts almost instantly. Making it the graphical editor of choice for anyone regardless of their capabilities, that wants to create flawless pro graphics with the absolute minimum of fuss.

OTO .01

CrazyKala 2.0 Customized Templates ~ $47 (More Details)

Custom User’s Choice Templates ~providing you with the best choice and best designed ready-made graphic templates in any niche of your choice. Allowing you to edit them with absolute ease.

Thousands of pre-made highly desirable templates, suitable for any type of marketing.

Templates come with exclusive copyrights to each customer

OTO .02

OmniSocial $67 ~ $97 (More Details)

Don’t stop when it comes to creating your Social Media images ‘OmniSocial will Schedule and Post Images, Text, Video to Social Media Websites, including Facebook Profile, Group & Pages, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, Dailymotion, Flickr, Google Plus, Reddit, Tumblr, Vimeo, Imgur, Medium, Linkedin, ,Linkedin Companies, Youtube and Blogger


[+] Simply schedule your post to be published at any time in the future or immediately to several sites at once

[+] Full and complete live statistics on all of your posts posted

[+] Shrink your URLs

[+] You can easily repost or even schedule reposts and also delete your posts automatically

[+] RSS FEEDS Feature: Schedule the posts from RSS Feed manually or automatically

OTO .03

CrazyKala 2.0 Resellers $147 ~ $197 (More Details)

Get Full resell rights to the entire Crazykala package. Sell it at any price and keep 100% of the profits! An absolutely crazy deal.



Crazykala is for anyone whether they are a business owner or not. This graphics manipulation package will deliver great pro looking flashy images each and every time. The price is unbelievably low and anyone and everyone should purchase this product.

I do hope that everyone reading my review agrees.

And of course Crazykala 2.0 ships with a full 30 day peace of mind refund guarantee.

Make sure that you check this offer out as it’s not going to be available for long.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review,

Mark Gossage








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