Email Your Prospects Daily The Facts

Email Your Prospects

Many marketers are scared to send out an email too often! How often should i send out an email to my list is a question often asked.



That is my answer. Every time you hit that Send button you are making money. You simply have to realise that it does not matter how many times you mail your list of subscribers some will be eager to receive your emails whilst others will get pissed off.

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Entertain With Email

Your emails must be constructed so that they offer value, are entertaining and are valid to the niche that they opted in to. Get this right and you can be selling both your own and affiliate products daily. Even throw a freebie in that further educates them on why they need your latest product or an affiliate offer that you are promoting.

If you really want to succeed online you need to become a master at emailing. If your prospects do not enjoy opening and reading your eMails you are doomed. The more that you write the better you will get at content writing. Blogs, landing pages, emails, it’s all about content. Get this right and you will soon be enjoying success.

Remember, you can also add images and videos to your emails so choose wisely what features would benefit your communication. Do not overkill your message though. Perfect the balance and keep it real.

Think about what you want to say and how you would talk if it were your best friend. Write to them and make sure that you focus on helping them. Forget how much money you will make. That will come once people feel at ease and can trust you. Build up a feeling of respect and prove that you have an in-depth knowledge of your niche.

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