Facebook Ads Why are people failing with them?

Facebook Ads. Everybody is talking about them!

Facebook Ads are they for you? With well over a billion people on Facebook, who can ignore them? It’s a no brainer that you just have to get your slice of the pie. With over a billion users it makes sense that a lot of your potential customers are there.

Almost every day a new product appears on the market claiming to have the answers to, ‘FB Ads’. They are willing to show you how to make massive returns on a few dollars. They have solid proof that there product will work for you and are charging anything from a few dollars to thousands.

So today I have decided to put up a free video and report to download that will help you claim a few more customers and put a few dollars in your pocket.

Facebook Ads Report

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Optimize your FB Ads

Facebook Ads need to be optimized if you want to see results

Firstly your ad needs to, ‘Catch Your Eye’. To be visually appealing. It has to be relevant to your target audience. It should make your target audience want to find out more. And it must have a clear and enticing CTA (Call To Action).

Two factors that must be taken in to account if you want a chance of succeeding with Facebook Ads are;

  • They must have a fantastic eye catching design that also creates desire for your product
  • You must ‘Laser Target’ your customer. Nothing can be left to chance.

Red Hot Tips for your Facebook Ads

You must profile your customer;





and a lot more

A good rule of thumb is that you need to use everything that Facebook offers you. If you are leaving an option out then you are not laser targeting your ideal customer.

Avoid ‘Hype’ in your ads’, make sure that they are believable.

Proof, proof and more proof. Show them social proof, testimonials etc.

Choose an attention getting image but, do not upset Facebook and get banned for using offensive images that are banned on Facebook.

Create landing pages that are an extension of your FB Ad. They must be consistent and further educate and seduce your prospect/buyer.

The landing page must have a strong call to action (CTA) It must compel the visitor to complete the desired action.

You must place your Ad in the right place on Facebook. The Newsfeed is great for engagement as it supports longer copy. If you want to retarget your visitors Desktop right column with smaller text and images will be both cheaper and more effective. When it comes to mobile app installs, the Mobile Newsfeed is the ideal place. So make sure that you identify the best place for your ads.

Test and Tweaking your ads

It is mega critical that you are always testing and tweaking your ads for maximum conversions. You should always keep an eye on your competition and see what they are up to. Try to gain as much intel on your competitors as possible and document it.



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