EyeSlick Review With Demo Video And My Mass $$$ Bonuses


EyeSlick is a worlds first, livestream video opportunity that is giving you a massive residual income opportunity with a ground floor opportunity like no other.

This really is something that you can do even if you have never made any money online before.

You will now be able to create video channels that you can sell directly from with your live or pre-recorded video on a viral e-com platform that is compatible with your phone, your mac or on your PC.

This is a brand-new generation of live streaming that you cannot afford to miss out on.

I’m also including my high-quality Affiliate Marketing Masters Bonuses that are going to make sure that you get the very best out of EyeSlick. My fantastic Affiliate Marketing bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area ready for immediate download when you purchase EyeSlick through my bonus page today which you should check out by clicking on the link that is right below this video.

This isn’t like any other video platform that I know of.

It is completely beginner friendly, this is for anyone and everyone.

It is the future of Social Media as we know it and is going to change how you use it.

EyeSlick is giving you the ability to sell digital or physical products while you are live on your video. Even sell the videos if you want to.

Business owners everywhere will want this, even your local store. Simply walk in, show them this massive opportunity that is going to get them more clients and customers fast and they are not only going to want it, they are going to demand that you give them access to it.

It’s as simple as

Join today

Copy and paste using the tools provided in One Time offer 1 and start profiting from it, even if the videos aren’t yours.

It doesn’t matter what niche you or your clients are in,

Real estate
Personal Trainer
Martial Arts
Massage Therapist

And a load more

So make sure to check the demo video out that I have included at the end of my review video and you will see how this can help them bring a load more paying customers into their business.

Even if they can barely log into their Social Media accounts.

It really is that easy.

You can even charge for your time to individuals, small groups or massive groups, by the minute. That’s right your viewers will be paying to watch your content by the minute or earn money from donations made on the platform.

You will be able to stream your videos to both macs and Pc’s even stream or watch your videos on your phone in both the Apple store and Google Play store.

This really is a massive ground-breaking opportunity.

You will also be getting a massive bonus if you purchase eyeslick while it is on its introductory launch.

You will also be getting the agency license to eyeslick which will be one of the most profitable social media platforms yet.

All businesses are looking for ways to sell their products and EyeSlick is the number one way as it will not only give them the power of using video it also allows them to fully moneytise them in so many ways.

Your agency bonus gives you the rights to invite your clients or your friends and be rewarded with 5% of all future income on their channels.

A million dollars has already been secured in venture capital funding with the expres purpose of driving traffic to channel creators videos to help explode this platform.

You will also be able to give away ground level access, giving first mover advantage to the early channel creators.

You will be getting a massive advantage, including paid traffic, better positioning, larger audiences and a lot less competition until this gets huge.

You can gift or reward people using your bonus agency licence. All it takes is to invite the next PewdiePie or a DJ that live streams maybe even a high ticket webinar organiser and you will be making 5% of that businesses future income for life.

As a channel owner you will be able to make money in so many different ways.

Sell live video access to your videos,

Upload and sell your videos, training material courses etc.

Or simply receive donations.

It’s so easy to make money using these techniques.

And as I said earlier you will also be making 5% off everything that your invited clients and friends sell.

You won’t need to use hacks or loopholes that either don’t work or are about get closed, even worse get you a bad name and banned. EyeSlick is a top notch business that you can be proud of being involved with, without the need to hide in the shadows with the rest of the dodgy peddlers.

I have also included a fantastic demo walkthrough video that you really would be silly to miss out on at the end of this review video but first I will go through all of the low prices and what you will be getting.

The Front End of Eyeslick is priced at $24.97 rising to $47

You will be given licences with the options to create eyeslick channel, listing as many digital or physical products that you like. You will also be able to sell or giveaway licences for users to create e-com and traffic enabled video channels.

You will then be able to make a 5% founders royalty fee on every sale that the channel creator earns either from the sales of physical e-com products or phone coaching, live video sales or any other way that the channel provider moneytises their channel.

This licensing option is limited to the first 10,000 and once they are gone no more will be available.

So, make sure to grab this massive opportunity now whilst it is being given away as a free bonus for only $24.97 if you are fast enough.

One Time Offer 1 is the vTail Manifesto priced at $67

This One Time Offer is giving you a load of sales material, training videos, email swipes, Powerpoint Presentations and loads more. Even website creation tools and training are included.

Everything that you need to sell or giveaway this opportunity is included.

The full and in-depth training will show you how to get your agency type website up and running and you will be confident in the knowledge that you will be able to answer questions and close deals easily with your clients.

This really is a massive opportunity. If you really want to start making money online this opportunity is for you.

One Time Offer 2 is the VIP membership priced at $197 or you will be offered split pay options as well.

Your channels will be given lifetime pro status and the pro channel benefits.

You will be able to add unlimited products and not be limited to 4 products per channel.

Record and publish more content on your channel with up to 10 hours of video content being hosted.

Pro Publishers won’t have any advertising added to their channels neither you nor your viewers will be seeing any ads displayed on your channels.

And you will also be able to give away accounts that are upgraded to pro for 6 months to your customers. They will then have the option to keep the basic channels option or upgrade to pro channel status.

You will also be included in the eyeslick pool.

You will get a shared distribution of queued guest spots.

One Time Offer 3 is the vTail Overflow priced at $297

This is for the really serious people that want to boost their earnings with an extra 3% of the revenue so instead of getting 5% of revenue you will be getting 8%.

You will also be getting 20% discounts on purchasing future invites and channel invites will get $20 instead of $10 as a bonus for inviting people to eyeslick.

The moneytisation system that is used to purchase videos, video time from coaches etc and anyone offering video services is Dollars.

This is a fantastic offer and I do urge you to watch the demo video that will further explain this massive not be missed opportunity.

This just has to be one of the best opportunities for starting your very own high-quality online business today.

So, if you want to start an online business of your very own. This really is it.

It just doesn’t get any better.

I have also included my high-quality Affiliate Marketing Bonuses that will be waiting for you in the download area ready for immediate download when you purchase EyeSlick through my bonus page today which you should check out by clicking on the link that is right below this video.

Make sure that you check the demo video out and then click on the link below and check everything out right now and I will See You Soon.


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