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Install SSL Clients Review


Google now penalizes any Website/Blog that does not have a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. As you have probably noticed by now Google reports the site as ‘Not Secure’. This has made a lot of uninformed people uneasy when they see this red flag. Any business that has a Website/Blog and has not got an SSL Certificate is probably losing hundreds, thousands or even a lot more on a daily basis.

For this reason securing websites with SSL Certificates is a must! A lot of people realise that selling this service is an easy way not only to make money but, ‘Get Their Foot In The Door’. Sorting out this problem for business owners will inadvertently lead to more business, SEO, Back-Ups, Remodelling their website etc.

The biggest problem for the lone entrepreneur and small businessman is creating a compelling website/blog that will sell the SSL service. Nowadays you need Proffessional Videos, Scripts, VoiceOvers, Catch Graphics, Reports, Follow up eMails and a whole lot more

Introducing Instant SSL Clients!

This product actually simplifies the whole process of SSL setting allowing you to have a lot more time to concentrate on these businesses that could bewnefit from your help and enable you to turn them into nyour clients.

My ‘Instant SSL Clients Review’, will give you the lowdown and explain how this product can really help you maximise your efforts.


 Instant SSL Client


 Instant SSL Client Review Overview

  • PRODUCT:   Instant SSL Client
  • VENDOR: Pixelcrafter
  • LAUNCH DATE:   12-03-2018
  • LAUNCH TIME:   10.00 EDT
  • SKILL: All Levels
  • PRICE – FRONT END:   $14.00
  • PRODUCT TYPE:   Software
  • NICHE:   Online Website Security
  • RECOMMEND:   Highly Recommended
  • GUARANTEE:   30 Days

What is Instant SSL Clients

Instant SSL Clients is a fantastic package of Word Press themes and a plethora of Digital Marketing Materials. You get everything from the theme right down to the tools needed to simplify the installation of SSL. This really is a great service to offer for anybody that wants to make more money without having to do much work. Even better ‘You do not need any skills or technical knowledge to use  the product.

This package has been created by a group of experts who’s main aim is to help other marketers run their business securely as their main focus is on Web-Security.


Feature Details

The Instant SSL Clients Package consists of

Module 1: A professional WP landing page theme for those who sell SSL service

Includes a Personal License and a Developer License (which lasts for a short period of time).
This is not a PLR license so you cannot sell it under any circumstances.

The WP Theme Includes:

  • Pre-written sales copy
  • Designed layout
  • High-converting layout
  • Landing page template
  • Professional copy

A PDF manual guide and a video manual guide are included to give you an overview of the theme

Module 2: more than 8700 words written lead magnets

Everything you need to know about SSL such as definition, types of SSL, how to secure with SSL and more can be found here. The file comes in both PDF and Word document format.

Module 3: Lead Generation videos in professional style

This module includes 2 HD Resolution, MP4 format lead generation videos to get more viewers. You also receive a written script, animations, and voice-over along with videos.

Module 4: 2 lead generation videos in whiteboard and doodle style

Everything included to help ensure that your lead generation is as successful as possible.

Module 5: 4×400 words email series to create lead magnets

The emails are crafted so that they will encourage a response from readers

Module 6: 5 high-quality SSL articles

These are high quality articles covering areas such as the definition and how to get it working, the benefits of using SSL, types of SSL, common misunderstanding of SSL certificates and how SSL certificate affects your SEO.

These articles can be used for a variety of things as is or even rewrite them. They are great for blog posts, use them to create videos for more exposure on YouTube. Use them in article directories even use parts on forums etc. They have endless possibilities in helping you to drive high quality targeted visitors to your landing page.



So Easy To Use

It really is a product that is very ease to put into action and use.

Here are the details step by step;

Step 1: Download the theme and enter the code to activate

Step 2: Upload and import the templates

Step 3: Customize your site according to your needs

And that is it. Completely installed in three easy steps

Who Should Use It?

  • Newbies
  • People who want to make more money
  • To add to an existing SEO or Web Security Business
  • If you have no products to sell but you still want to build an online business
  • If you want to generate more leads for your clients

Personal Experience

If you are looking for a way to make money online but you do not have any product yet, this is a fantastic way to start. Unlike so many online businesses out their on the Internet this one really is so easy to start up and run. You will even be making money whilst you are sleeping.

This package really will help you regardless of your experience or technical knowledge

Evaluation and Price

For just $14, you already own a package of WP theme that makes installing SSL Certificates less intimidating than before. What I love about it is that there are two types of license, one is to use it for your personal projects and one is to sell to clients. Either way, you still gain a huge benefit that makes your life much better.

Instant SSL Clients offers help, security and most importantly, a stable financial status, so why not purchase this package and let it elevate your business to the next level?




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