Marketers Fail Online Why?

Marketers Fail Online

Marketers fail? Why are so many budding online entrepreneurs failing every year?

Their are many possible answers why Marketers Fail Online  such as

Not knowing where to start

Not having a list

Jumping from one idea too another

Not enough traffic

Born with a silver spoon or very lucky

Trying to build your business too fast

Your product/s have to be perfect

Yes the list goes on and on. Their are a lot more excuses waiting.

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Of course having a list, an endless amount of traffic and a whole load of other things would make it a little easier to succeed, many would still fail?

Marketers Fail to Plan

So what is the answer?


Any business off or online needs a plan, ‘A Plan of Action’.

I heard somewhere that ‘Having No Plan is PLANNING TO FAIL’!


It’s true

You have to have a short term plan and an in-depth plan that looks further into the future.

Setting short and long term goals that are reasonable.

Adjusting your plan as often as necessary.

Rebuilding, rethinking and re-targeting when targets are not met.

Plan Plan Plan and Plan = Less Marketers Fail

So think about exactly where you want to go and work out exactly how you are going to get there.

What tools/ software will you need

Do you need to train so that you can use these tools/software

What training do you need

How do you plan to train, CD, Video mentor etc.

What products are you sharing

How many products

The list will take a long time and you will be adding to it continually.

When you eventually feel a little exhausted, use your list to build your plan of action.

The main ingredient then is ‘Hunger’. You have to be hungry for success. Ready to go past the distance. Keep going where others give up. Keep going till you reach your goal and then carry on to your next goal. No moaning, no excuses. If you fall of your bike get up and dust yourself down, then carry on your journey. Forever forward into the unknown.

Keep on believing in yourself.



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