Viral Traffic Techniques for Viral Marketing

A lot of people think of Viral Traffic and Viral Marketing as this almost impossible thing that relies on mostly luck. Watch ‘Lazy Ass Stoner’ on video as he explains why that doesn’t have to be the case at all.

In this short video he is going to show you ‘three super simple viral traffic techniques’. That techniques are quick and easy to implement allowing you to drive tonnes of free visitors, sales and backlinks to your websites… Plus he will be showing you REAL LIFE examples of exactly how he does it!


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The three viral marketing strategies that he covers are:

1) Viral Traffic News Story:

This technique involves finding ‘hot’ and popular viral news stories that are related to your niche and then re-writing them. Post them to your blog and then post them through out all of your social profiles.

2) The Viral Traffic Video:

When many people think of ‘viral video marketing’ they think of pouring thousands of dollars into creating the perfect viral video and then just *hoping* that it goes viral. but this technique shows you how to simply leverage other people’s viral videos to drive tonnes of free traffic to your blog!

3) The Viral Traffic Infographic:

Infographics are insanely viral and they are a great way to score easy, free visitors to your site. This technique involves simply finding niche related infographics and then posting them onto your site and then out through your social channels.

Anyway be sure to watch the video to get the full lowdown as well as to see real life viral marketing examples.

And do not forgrt the free report. Make sure to download it now. You will soon be experiencing the raw power of Viral Traffic.

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