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Traffic Domination using

That’s right you can purchase traffic cheaply from But, Beware! Their are many different types of sellers. Some use bots which simply spin your Hits Counter. Others deliver junk whilst some deliver none.

I have posted a very short video below from one of the ‘Traffic’ sellers on Fiverr. The video is voiceless and a little lacking but does have some good points as well. It is a 27 second video that promises to flood your site with real human visitors? If this person is willing to send 20,000 Real Human People to your website for $5.00 why not send them to their fiverr gig or even to this YouTube video that had only got 48 hits in over 12 months? Think before you make a purchase. I don’t think that this person/account is even on fiverr now. Probably got crushed in the stampede!

Fiverr Traffic?

After watching the video I felt that I was more inclined to check out PowToon at It looks like a great animation software program.

download free traffic report

I have a great PDF report if you are interested in generating free high quality real human traffic to your website, blog, offers etc. Simply click on the link above and download it for free.

Quality is the best way to go

You have to be careful what type of traffic is being directed your way as it is so easy to upset the search engines. Remember, Quality First. A good quality website, blog, offer etc followed by more quality everything is the best route to go. Then concentrate on generating good quality traffic, paid, free or both. It should all go ‘hand in hand’ effortlessly.

Good fresh and compelling content rules. Forget baiting the search engines or the so called loopholes, hacks etc!

Keep it real, keep it high quality and keep it going.

Start driving visitors to your site, treat them like real people and you will soon have the ‘promised flood’.

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